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Puppy № 35 Whiskey Strider in Diversity Puppy № 35  Whiskey Strider in Diversity
Puppy № 32 Winner Strider in Diversity Puppy № 32 Winner Strider in Diversity
Puppy № 31 Wagner Strider in Diversity Puppy № 31 Wagner Strider in Diversity
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Why us?

  • We are the team of like-minded people united by our love for the American Staffordshire Terrier.
  • The owner of the kennel and its head Oleksii Lazko is a certified breeder-cynologist. He has united around himself professionals and connoisseurs of the breed in order to embody the three greatest values of the Amstaffs in our puppies: anatomy, temperament and intelligence.
  • We have collected a constellation of producers, a bunch of lineages and the most valuable genetic material from the oldest and legendary lines of European and American kennels.
  • We have children and grandchildren of great champions - legendary American Staffordshire Terriers from world-renowned kennels, who live and are used for breeding in “Strider in Diversity kennel”: Sindelar (USA), Tipit z Hanky (Czech Republic), De Paco XZ Am Stafs (Italy), Cans Juansa (Spain).
  • Our aim is to continue the tradition of breeding American dogs based on the old lines of Ruffian, Ex-Pert, Crusader, Tacoma, Gallant and Roll, and bring these lines to a wide range of interested people and fans of the breed.
  • We plan each combination carefully and beforehand. It allows us to be confident in the breed qualities of our future puppies.
  • All our producers have genetic health tests and are carefully selected for further breeding combinations. This selectivity allows us to produce healthy and beautiful dogs with excellent intelligence, strong psyche and breed temperament.
  • For us, the harmony of living together between humans and dogs is very important. Therefore, we carefully select owners for our pets. We also carefully prepare our puppies. Leaving for new families, our dogs have the basics of obedience and socialization.
  • When a puppy is born, somewhere there is a perfect owner for him. Hurry up! Maybe your puppy is already waiting for you!

We are very grateful to our owners for the energy that they put into our graduates! We know how much time, effort and resources you need to contribute if you want to get a pedigree and comfortable American Staffordshire Terrier. But it's worth it! Therefore:

We are always HERE to help you
We do not strive, we do our best and help you
We promise nothing, but we prove everything with deeds 
We do not disappear, but we extend you a hand of help and friendship 

We will help, support and give an advice!

We will answer all your questions by phone +380503202517 or by email to   


Marcellus Strider In Diversity (Симба)
12/10/17, Отец –Спартак, Мать – Зива

When we decided to take a dog, we were a little afraid of such a serious breed as the Amstaff. Therefore, they took the choice of the kennel very seriously. After all, the dog's genes are a very important factor. An experienced dog handler, whom we trust very much, confirmed this information and advised to contact to the Strider In Diversity kennel, she has worked with almost all the dogs of this breeder and knows well that they are all adequate, kind, adore children, and are easy to train.
Our puppies were born on 12/10/17. Three of us were born in the litter - a boy and two girls. A boy chose us, although we planned to take a girl because there was already one male at home (7-year-old Welsh Terrier Ted). All my fears did not come true. From the first day, Marcellus took Ted for his best friend and leader, and began to quickly learn everything from him. Amstaff's character turned out to be so kind and ingenuous that it took quite a bit of training to learn all the commands, what is possible, what is not, and the rules of conduct in the house. He quickly became accustomed to his place in the cage and until now, when we leave, he goes there himself and wait to rest. For all the time, this dog has not made any Skoda.
On the street, we immediately organized a company of completely different dogs – our Simba, Jack Russell, Swiss Shepherd and Labrador, as well as other dogs. Simba gets along great with absolutely everyone. Amstaff turned out to be one of the most friendly and sociable both towards dogs and people, and especially towards children.
I am extremely glad that we were advised this particular cattery. I would never have thought before that a dog of such a formidable appearance could be so gentle and soft in soul, be the best companion for you, sleep with you until 12 o'clock and suggest not going outside when it's cold, have fun and be sad, fool around and train. Always be there and love you more than anything else. These dogs – it is endless love. The main thing – make the right choice. Correct genes & ndash; recipe for success.